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Class A (January – June, 2013)

Let's get back to the basics. For educators who are interested in film education in the schooling system and have not yet had the opportunity to approach film in a systematic way, this workshop provides a broad introduction to the study of film as an art form. We will explore the concepts of film form, aesthetics and style, while remaining attentive to the cultural and historical context in which a work is produced and seen. Throughout the course, we will examine closely the construction of sight and sound through varied modes of organizing these core elements. In each session, a film will be shown in full after the initial lecture, followed by discussions with dedicated critics and scholars. We believe in the collective experience of film viewing as well as the medium's ability in depicting humanity.


Programme Director/ Instructor: Wong Ain-ling

12 sessions to be conducted on alternated Saturday afternoons at 2:30pm.

- Lecture (90 mins)
- Break (15 mins)
- Screening and Discussion (135 - 165 mins)

Total: 4 – 4.5 hours

Venue: Hong Kong Design Institute



Jan 5

Session 1 Lecture: An overview of the development of moving images I
Guest speaker: Winnie FU


Jan 19

Session 2 Lecture: An overview of the development of moving images II
Guest speaker: Long Tin


Feb 2

Session 3 Lecture: The basics of film art I — What is a shot?
Guest speaker: FUNG Ka-ming


*Feb 23

Session 4 Lecture: The basics of film art II — Edit & Montage
Guest speaker: Ernest CHAN


Mar 9

Session 5 Lecture: The basics of film art III — Mise-en-scene
Guest speaker: Thomas SHIN


Mar 23

Session 6 Lecture: The basics of film art IV — Use of sound/music
Guest speaker: Angela LAW


April 6

Session 7 Lecture: On narrative I — the way Hollywood tells it
Guest speaker: LAM Kam Po


April 20

Session 8 Lecture: On narrative II — Hollywood is not all
Guest speaker: Grace NG


May 4

Session 9 Lecture: Film and literature I
Guest speaker: Joyce YANG


May 18

Session 10 Lecture: Film and literature II
Guest Speaker: Lawrence LAU


June 1

Session 11 Lecture: The Real and Fictional in Documentary
Guest speaker: Jimmy CHOI


June 15

Session 12 Lecture: Is there a future to the art of filmmaking?
Guest speaker: LI Cheuk-to


* Due to limitations at venue, session 4 will be postponed from Feb 16 to Feb 23.