The JCCA aims to provide a vibrant environment for young people with a structured and systematic opportunity to watch, to understand and even to make films of their own. We are deeply committed to promote film literacy as essential in preparing our younger generation for their adult lives. The JCCA is a modest attempt in this direction.

Master Class

The JCCA Master Class features world-class filmmakers as well as the very best film creators and innovators from around the world. The JCCA Master Class offers an unforgettable opportunity of a life-time to interact with distinguished filmmakers from around the world.

Face to Face

With an acclaimed history of filmmaking in Hong Kong, the JCCA Face to Face features a renowned filmmaker from Hong Kong sharing his/her insights on film, art and life, along with a complimentary bi-lingual publication on the filmmaker for all participants.

Festival Tours

Held during the annual Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), Festival Tours aims to engage participants through active dialogue on techniques, aesthetics and literacy values, social and historical relevance of film. Notable film critics, scholars and filmmakers will become personal tour guides for 20 groups of 10-15 participants, with each group attending five different HKIFF screenings.

Educators Workshop

Educators Workshop is Hong Kong's first series of workshops for educators to learn the basics of film literacy, using the moving image as an educator's teaching tool. The Workshop consists of one course of 12 classes, held twice a year for two different groups of educators.

Educators Advanced Workshop (EAW) is an advanced workshop specially designed for graduates from Educators Workshop to further explore the mystery of film as an arts form through an intense study of three films. The workshop consists of 6 sessions and is held twice a year.

Short Film Competition

The Short Film Competition supports the production and re-invention of the short film, a form with its own formal, aesthetic and expressive qualities distinct from those of the feature film. Approximately twenty films of different genres (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental), each not exceeding 15 minutes in duration are selected by the HKIFFS, and a jury of three renowned personalities would select the winners for the Grand Prize and Jury Prize presented at the annual HKIFF Awards Gala.

Joint Universities Programme

The Joint Universities Programme provides a global stage for students to showcase their best work at the annual Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF). The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Baptist University, City University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University select the very best student films from the past year for public appreciation.

Youth Volunteer Programme

Young volunteers will have the opportunity to better understand both the film industry and arts administration by participating in "behind-the-scenes" of the annual Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF). Volunteers will be trained in transferable skills in three key departments: Programming, Operations and Marketing. Volunteers will be rewarded with a wealth of film knowledge, unique experiences and a chance to make some great friends.