• Screening Schedule


JCCA's Joint Universities Programme is a unique platform for student films from Hong Kong's universities to be shown beyond their academic settings, and to the audiences at the annual HKIFF. Two Audience Choice awards will be given this year to the films voted by the audiences. All five screenings are admission free to the public.

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Selection

Big Name Fans (director Man Uen-ching) a group of die-hard fans chasing their stars. 4 fans, 3 idols, from 2 different generations, with 1 conviction. Righteousness (director Ho Cheuk-tin) an action genre depicting one of the Seven Deadly Sins – Greed. Drifting (director Lam Sum) friendship developed between a Mainland
Chinese immigrant and a locally-born Pakistani kid and their drifting apart caused by social development. –being (director Lawrence Lai) a visual journey revisiting love,
memory, despair and loss … Leaving to Stay (directors Yang Yufei, April Sia) a teenage girl getting recurrent pregnancy which provokes introspection. Total: 100min.


Date: 25 March 2012
Time: 3:00 PM
Venue: Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall

Hong Kong Baptist University Selection

Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University, presents: Buried Secret in the Box (Dai Yi) - What is horror in the view of child, and what is ignorance from the attitude of adult? Li Baiwen and Li Yijian are sister and brother. Let us share a piece of clip about secret news in their childhood live. Twenty Dollars (Lam Seechit): In the fresh fruit market in Hong Kong, fruits are mixed with prostitution, gambling, drug addiction and gangs. Innocence is sold at $20. This is a story belongs to Hong Kong. Total: 44min.

Date: 26 March 2012
Time: 5:30 PM
Venue: Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall

City University of Hong Kong Selection

Students from the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong showcase their works, including a series of different stories : Killer JoJo (Tam Wa-hung), What Dies Inside A Man While He Lives (Chan Mei-lin), Tree of Labyrinth (Lam Wai-yan), Solitude (Tong Ka-yee), Closing (Ho Yuet), Good Man (Yu Shing-hei), Can’t Go Back (Yeung Chin-kwan), About The Same As (Ko Chui-ting), My Wooden BF (Elf Chan Chi-sing), 14th (Tam Wai-ching), The Missing Piece (Yu Kin-hang), The Sleeping Paint (Li Sum-yuet). Total: 90min.


Date: 25 March 2012
Time: 12:30 PM
Venue: Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall

Hong Kong Design Institute Selection

Three pieces of animation - 1/4, Monstrous Love andSweet Bully - give spectators three distinctive forms of viewing experience. These works demonstrate their makers’ artistic achievement in visual texture exploration. The Persistence of Memory (Chan Ka-hei) shows the aftereffect of traumatic past on the surviving amnesiac. The cyclical narrative structure of Principles (Cheng Man-so) demolishes the assumption of linear cause-effect relationship. The Fresh Wave Competition winner Last Thing I Remember (Mui Lok-him) tells a moral tragedy of strong oriental color in a form of modern fable. Total: 67min.


Date: 23 March 2012
Time: 5:30 PM
Venue: Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Selection

This is a selection of student works from School of Design- BA (Hons) in Digital Media program. It demonstrates the significant message of “Content is King” - how the creative idea acts as the prime element in production. The works include 2D & 3D animation, promotion clips and short movies, namely Galaman (Johnee Lau),
Hunting Bird (Ellis Chan), Death of the Mascot (Chung Wing-yee), Lying in the Sky (Grady Ng), EAST Hotel – Peter Kendall (Jernome Au), Damages of a Different
Kind (Suki Ma) , Home Plate (Andy Ng) , Foldaway Bellboy (Lawrence Lam), Dino’s Holiday (Benny Fung), Dangerous Mission (Kenas Li), Step on Grass (Ivana
Lai), Gwangong VS Alien (Manny Leung). Total: 92min.


Date: 24 March 2012
Time: 7:15 PM
Venue: Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall